Other Electric Fence Applications

Dogs & Cats

Deter cats from attacking aviaries
use an aviary starter kit, or ask for further advice. This is a more complex application as the cat is not normally earthed through the ground.

Deter dogs and cats from damaging gardens
use a garden starter kit or ask advice for the best suited component parts.


Electric fence can prevent herons eating the fish from your pond. The system is completely safe for children and pets. It is quick and easy to install and costs very little to operate. The materials are suitable for a garden environment. The “Gallagher Heron Kit” provides all the equipment you require for a 50 mitre fence around your pond.


Preventing rabbit damage to crops and gardens. Use either 7 lug plastic rabbit posts with wire or Turbo-Braid to create your fence or use specially designed rabbit netting, available in 50m lengths. Both systems are portable.
The fence should be angled as in the photograph

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