Dog Food

We have an extensive range of Dog foods, suitable for working dogs, family dogs, puppies or older dogs.
We can also obtain to order, feeds specific to your breed of dog.
We stock mainly bulk bags of complete dried food, but we do also have available smaller sizes for your dog to try.
Tinned food, pouches and a wide selection of treats.

We stock all the popular brands, and continue to be as competitively priced, as we possible can.

Now also stocking Nutriment Raw Dog Food ( Frozen ).

Cat Food

We stock dried complete Cat Food in small and bulk bags, Pro-Plan, Burgess, Go-Cat & Burns, with other brands obtainable to order.
We also have a selection of Tinned food, foil packs, and a variety of Boxes of pouches.

Dog & Cat Supplies

Ancol Collars & Leads, Combs & Brushes.
Feeding Bowls – all sizes ( Pottery, plastic or Stainless Steel )
Dog Beds, Dog Toys
Cat Litter, cat litter trays