About Us

The Upson family has been farming in and around Hatfield Peverel, for over 100 years, and a mixture of livestock and arable enterprises started all those years ago are still the basis of activity at Ivy Barns Farm today.

I represent the fourth generation, to have farmed here and also manage the Farm Shop.

The Farm is located in the centre of the village, with some fields spread around the outskirts, and stretching down to some river meadows, next to the Chelmer Blackwater canal.

A Dairy Herd was the principal enterprise, but the grassland is now utilized by a small beef herd and a flock of sheep. Arable and forage crops are grown to provide feed for the animals, with any surplus cereals being sold locally. Straw and silage is baled for winter fodder and bedding, and we also do some contract baling for other local farmers.

The Farm Shop has grown alongside the agricultural enterprise, becoming a major part of the business in 1987, when it was decided to build the purpose built farm shop you see today.

The fencing part of the business has expanded rapidly over the last few years, installing and supplying all types of field fencing.
This part of the business is now run by my brother Andrew, and trades as Essex Field Fencing.
Fencing materials and Electric Fencing can still be purchased from us, but all installation work is now handled by this new company.

John Upson