Local Meats

Churches of Epping, sausage makers for well over a 100 years produce a superb range of traditional sausages, chipolatas and sausage meats which we are pleased to offer to our customers.

We also stock pork from Wickes Manor Farm at Maldon. Their pigs are reared in large open straw pens to extremely high welfare standards. The pork is fully traceable and the pigs are fed on wheat and barley, grown and milled on the family farm. Sausages come in four different flavours, and our customers remark on how good the bacon tastes. Although the ham is vacuum packed for guaranteed freshness, it tastes as if it has just been cut from a joint. Pork and gammon joints come in various sizes to complete this range of outstanding products.

Grangeworth Quality Farm Foods from Woodbridge, supply us various Beef, Lamb,Pork and Venison cuts & joints, Grade A chickens, quality cooked & sliced meats, and yet further our selection of sausages & Burgers. Have you tried their Lamb & Mint, or Chicken & Apricot Burgers?
Their Turkey, Venison and Gluten Free Pork & Leek sausages are also very good.

Home produced Beef & Lamb.

We also sell our own Beef, when available, produced from the Peverel Herd of Hereford Cross suckler cows.
The cattle graze here on the meadows in summer and are fed on home-grown forage in winter in a semi-intensive way, once reared the quality meat is hung for 28 days to improve flavour and tenderness. It is then jointed, pre-packed and labelled for us, in convenient sizes, to display in our freezers. Steaks, Roasting Joints, Braising & stewing steak, Mince & Burgers.

We equally run our own flock of Jacob cross Sheep, also grazing here at Hatfield Peverel. The ewes are put with our own Hampshire Down ram to produce Quality Ivy Barns Lamb. This is also jointed and pre-packed for your convenience and is available from our bank of freezers.
If you would like a whole lamb jointed to your requirements for your home freezer these are available to order.

Buying directly from your local farmer means full traceability from our own herd/flock, minimum food miles, and compliance with the animal welfare and environmental standards that you would expect.