Electric Fencing for Poultry

Electric poultry fencing correctly installed, is the most cost effective, and efficient poultry fencing you can use for medium to large areas.

If you plan to make a permanent enclosure then use wooden posts with strained wire. We have working demonstration areas for customers to view options and techniques for permanent fencing.

Electric poultry net is quick and easy to erect, this makes it an ideal flexible enclosure. The net is sold in 50 mtr lengths. If several nets are installed in a line it is advisable to run an extra wire along the top for better conductivity.


All electric fences require an energizer to power the fence, and an earth system for the fence to work.
We can supply everything you need to create an effective fence and offer you help and advice on a system to suit your hen area.



POUTRY NET from Tornado Fencing.
Tornado poultry net fulfils very specific requirements. It keeps chickens in and prevents them from burrowing under the netting whilst effectively deterring predators. Importantly, it achieves this while remaining cost effective. Manufactured from 2mm Hi-Tensile Plus wire, its spring like properties enable the fence to flex under pressure but remain secure. 75mm vertical wires keep the birds safe from harm.
Tornado Poultry Fencing would normally be erected with approximately 330mm turned out, giving a finished height of 1250mm. It can be used in conjuction with an off-set electric wire for added security.

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