Horse Feeds

We offer a wide range of Horse feeds, mixes & cubes, from local manufacturers, like Baileys or Marriages, and from other major manufacturers such as Allen & Page, Dobson & Horrell, and Spillers.
We also stock forage based feeds, the complete Dengie range, Horsehage, various chaffs and fibre feeds.
Straights such as Bran, Crushed oats and Beet pulp nuts.

We are also stockists for Simple System feeds and supplements.

As there is such a vast number of Horse feeds available, we can’t stock them all, but if we haven’t got what you require, we are happy to try and order it in for you.

We stock feeds from the following Companies :

Allen and Page
Dodson & Horrell
Dengie Readi-Grass
Hilight Honeychop
Horsehage Marriages
Mollichaff Saracens
Simple System
Top Spec